Hi kiddos!

Just thought I’d pop in here and let you know that my adventure sketchbook from my Sierra Nevada backpacking trip this last summer is now available! If you pledge $4 on my Patreon, you get access to this as well as every other PDF I’ve ever posted. That includes five other sketchbooks, including my adventure sketchbook from my 2017 PCT thru-hike attempt, five comics (including the original BASHers mini-comic), and four zines!

$4 patrons ALSO get to see the penciled pages and script excerpts for BASHers every week. It’s a really good deal.

Even just a $1 monthly pledge gets you BASHers pages 24-hours earlier than the rest of the web, and exclusive blog updates and work previews. Not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a creator.

So if you like BASHers and want to see it thrive, I’d love it if you supported it and myself on Patreon!