Hi kiddos!

BASHers is taking the weekend off, but to fill up space I thought I’d promote my Patreon!

Just a $1 monthly pledge gets you BASHers pages 24-hours earlier than the rest of the web, and exclusive blog updates and work previews. Not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a creator.

$4 patrons get to see the penciled pages and script excerpts for BASHers every week, PLUS access to every PDF I’ve ever posted. That’s SIX sketchbooks, including my adventure sketchbook from my 2017 PCT thru-hike attempt, the sketchbook from my Sierra Nevada section hike, five comics (including the original BASHers mini-comic), and four zines!

If you like BASHers and want to see it thrive, I’d love it if you supported us on Patreon!