Ah, nothing like being exhausted beyond reason and still have to literally construct your house, collect water and force food down your gullet.
I was really hoping to find that this tent site had been spared by the Whitewater Fire. It was such a gorgeous spot and was really secluded. I didn’t depict it accurately in the comic, but where we slept was a sort of grotto of young Douglas Firs and Mountain Hemlock. 
There was evidence that folks were sleeping here, or at least taking breaks, despite the dangerous surroundings. I didn’t stay here very long, I had just started my day (I camped shortly after Shale Lake, around mile 2021) and there was a dead horse to check out at the next creek crossing. I ended up hiking 20 miles! All the way to where we camped at the end of day 3 in this story I’m telling. 
Fun fact! Today (July 6th) is Evan’s birthday! He doesn’t do the whole social media thing much, but you should send him a photo of a happy ferret on his seldom used Twitter. <3