Somebody wanted to make damn sure the PCT hikers made the right turn.

I went back and hiked this section again last summer, and man, it was a real bummer to see it in the aftermath of the Whitewater Fire.
In the center there you can make out the charred remains of the trail junction marker. Predictably, someone had gone and marked it again. I realize now I was so distracted by my surroundings at the time that I didn’t notice that a hiker had left a message in the rocks there for someone! I think it says Lana, with an arrow. This is a common way to leave notes for friends behind you on trails. Trouble is, if the person it’s directed to doesn’t erase it, it may stay there for a long time because nobody wants to be the reason someone didn’t get their mail. 
The Whitewater fire was pretty bad, but I was super grateful that it wasn’t so bad that the trail remained closed. Maintenance crews were able to go in and make the trail useable, but it was definitely not recommended to camp in these areas. Those trees (all Widow Makers now) could fall in the slightest breeze. Good thing it was really only a few miles of burn on the PCT.