Hey guys! Sorry to leave you high and dry for two weeks, things have been nuts as I get ready for Emerald City Comic Con while also dealing with some health issues.

BASHers is going to be taking a SHORT break while I finish up the last dozen pages of chapter 2. Previously I’ve been working on the pages in batches of 4, then posting; the schedules gonna change to complete entire chapters then post in a normal schedule. So tragically that means once Chapter 2 is done there will be at least three months until Chapter 3 starts posting. Don’t hate me! This is the best path to take in order to ensure consistent storytelling and flow.

In the meantime, if you’re coming to Emerald City next week, come find me at table H6, with the Helioscope crew! I’ll have printed copies of Chapter 1 available, with updated art and lettering, as well as the Hiker Trash Dictionary, art prints, buttons, and stickers!